Comprehensive, Coordinated Mental Health Services


BHNY is the oldest Group Private Practice in this area. The practice was formed in 1986 and has continuously provided mental health services.

Each Independently Licensed Professional Therapist is experienced in working with a range of problems and particular age groups. All professionals have the highest level of licensure available as well as advanced training and experience.

BHNY has a long history of working with veterans, law enforcement and other first responders in addition to our neighbors in our community.

While we are proud of our comprehensive care, BHNY does not offer services to everyone. We offer the most appropriate service with our most experienced and appropriate professional. When we are not the best resource, we will work with you to identify a more appropriate service provider.

Confidential Services

We maintain strict confidentiality in all of our efforts to help you through a current crisis or problem as well as long term mental health and behavioral issues. Relationship issues, stress from work or family problems can lead to anxiety, depression or other issues. Whatever your needs are, they are shared with utter confidence in private, personal services.

Coordinated Care

We work with your other healthcare providers to make sure that your care is appropriate for you.  Many physical health problems – cardiac disease, diabetes, thyroid disease as well as many other chronic medical conditions as well as medical crisis – can have an emotional component. Sometimes the treatment for a serious medical problem can cause other problems – side effects – that we can help you cope with.

We have been identified by Primary and Specialty Medical practices in our local area as their mental health partner in offering comprehensive, coordinated care.